Conditioned search in VI

condicioned searchLet’s use something that I call conditioned search in VI: look for a text that goes or not followed by another. In the VI text editor we can use regular expressions to look for patterns in the text. This is very helpful. Continue reading

The update kernel 4.4.0-108 fails

boot error update

Error screen at system startup after kernel update

I strongly recommend NOT INSTALLING the kernel update 4.4.0-108 for linux systems. It has gone out to solve the vulnerabilities in the processors with speculative execution Meltdown and Specter. Continue reading

Goodbye IDE, hello boot, grub translate

Let’s see how to solve a particular problem, changing mother board and find no IDE connections, losing a hard drive with the boot sector, partition of /boot, and the CDDVDs, but trying to keep the other hard disks and the system as it was.


Like all devices one day one of our computers fall down. The heat of summer can be a good reason for this. If the motherboard is very old, we will have to change: motherboard, processor and memory. The problem is that the new mother boards are usually not lead connections to IDE disks but only for SATA. If DVD drive is IDE we can not do all this from a bootable CD, although we could create a USB stick, this time we will not do so.

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Espiral Academy Alicante

After the earthquake yesterday, seems to have removed us the publisher vein and here’s a story to be updated.

This week we are renewing and debugging web Espiral School in Alicante, I hope you like it, we’re still polishing details of it but I think it‘s been very good and is adapted to portable devices to be readable on mobile and and tablet computers. We have also been reactivated their page on facebook, and other social networks.

Given the high qualifications of their teachers their success is assured and hope to contribute our bit to make itself known.